Our bandbus needs your help!

Hi dear friends we met all over the world playing music.

Our bandbus needs your help! Since we can’t really afford repairing it.
It’s a good diesel mercedes that we abused for over 120’000 km since 2009.
Now the stearing bearings are bad, rubber blocks of the engine are gone,all tires worn out,break discs are way too thin,parking break is not working for years,the front windshield crack is still growing and became sort of a tree.we have some minor dents all over the car from little accidents and so forth.
It’s maybe not a shure car like this to go on tour again but he behaved so good , never let us dow,good gasmilage and perfect size.And the most important he is with us and it’s the one we have.We will go on tour in november in Chile and have no money like allways but our music.(no tengo dinero…)
We are looking forward to get many small donacions to revive our beloved bandbus and maybe even give him some solarpanels…
thank you very much and we hope that many of you hop on our freshly tuned bus somewhere in these many countries we travelled.
love, The chantos.

Here you can collaborate or write to mmechanto@gmail.com

Ladmann Belen
IBAN: CH13 0900 0000 4019 8091 0
Klybeckstrasse 69
4057 Basel

Please confirm in this mail: belenlad@hotmail.com

Here are the 3 discs of the band to download for free